The vastly expansive Saudi Arabian desert is home to the affluent city of Dubai. Homes here can be found on

Their press release:

DUBAI, UAE, February 07, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — Dubai-based property portal YZER Property has announced that its website has increased it’s listings for property available for sale or rent by 300% in 2 months, making it the fastest-growing and largest specialist property listings website in the UAE. Registration of available properties in the country has almost tripled since September 2016.

Alibek Issaev, chairman and founder of YZER Group said, “With the ever-increasing demand for high- quality listings, YZER Property strives to deliver an excellent inventory to help users find their dream home or apartment in Dubai in a few simple steps. YZER Property’s commitment to serve the UAE market, specifically the Dubai property sector, has led to the increase in the number of listed properties as well as the level of quality.”

As part of an ongoing campaign, YZER Property has offered property brokers, owners and investors a chance to list any number of properties for free for 12 months. Through advanced digital media, the initiative has benefited the UAE’s real estate industry by providing broader choices to residents and international investors looking to buy a property in the country.

All property registrants have also been provided with access to an intelligent customer relationship management

(CRM) system that allows them to streamline their listings internally without any extra cost for the first year.

Since YZER Property was launched in 2016, the company has been steadily growing, developing and innovating the multimedia engine in line with its commitment to further enhance and simplify the sector’s buying and rental process. The platform has been designed to accommodate 12 different languages, including English, Arabic, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Persian, Turkish, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian and Chinese. All brokers who are native speakers of these languages can utilize YZER Property’s services and gain access to users in Dubai and the GCC region.

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When people think of the desert areas sometimes images like this come to mind. How would any one build a home here?

Dubai is more like this:

Feature image of the Saudi Arabian desert as seen by satellite. This work has been released into the public domain by its author, Emilfaro at English Wikipedia.